Welcome to BlackBIT Telecom

BlackBIT offers first class, fast and simple VoIP telephony solutions. We help a wide range of sectors and specialise in the provision of VoIP for call centres

BlackBIT understands that every business needs to control its overhead costs as well as maximise its sales. Embracing VoIP technology will help you manage costs as well as provide unparalleled flexibility and functionality. This is true even for call centres, a business area which, traditionally, has proved resistant to cost cutting and innovation.

BlackBIT will take the time to understand your business profile so that we can help you understand how VoIP systems can support your business and save you valuable time and money.

Do you operate a call centre? Using the BlackBIT eDialler system you can increase the call centre productivity by up to 80%

Or, are you looking for general business telephony? Our VoIP telephony can mean the end of a rental charge for every telephone line you use. It also means reduced call costs and increased functionality, particularly if your company conducts telephone surveys or makes a large number of outbound calls.