eDialler telemarketing productivity software


The BlackBIT eDialler is a web based automated dialler

It is a revolution in telemarketing productivity and cost effectiveness.

Some of the key benefits are;

  • No silent calls;
  • Multi lingual. It is, for example, cheaper to employ a Germany based German telemarketing agent to speak to German customers than to employ a German person based in the UK. The eDialler facilitates this by allowing each campaign to have scripts in many languages. When, for example, the record for a German person is next in line, it will be called by an agent who lists German as one of their spoken languages;
  • No data wastage. The eDialler will retry each number a predefined number of times before marking it as failed;
  • No fixed licence fees. If the eDialler isn’t being used by an operator who is, for example, off sick or on holiday then you don’t get charged;
  • Our charges are worked out to give you better value for money with the call charges and the charges for using the eDialler;
  • Per second billing with actual call costs available as soon as the call has finished;
  • Call monitoring;
  • Call recording;
  • View user campaign and user statistics from anywhere; and
  • Instant alerts. If criteria that you have defined are met during a call, an email alert can be sent so that a hot lead can be called back straightaway.

We are producing a brochure site, but if you’d like any further information, or to arrange a demonstration, please call 0800 0470895