Telemarketing Expansion

How can we expand our sales team without a heavy upfront financial commitment?

Traditionally, the core components to a telemarketing team have been the staff, the premises, the phone system and the computer system.

  • Telemarketing staff are the most expensive component by far. However, there is little upfront financial commitment involved and if staff are sourced from a temp agency then they are relatively easy to hire and fire.
  • Telemarketing premises are the second most expensive component in most cases. The problem with premises is that enough room has to be made for the team to expand but during the expansion the extra space is wasting money day by day.
  • A traditional phone system that supports, say, 10 phones must be purchased or leased.   However,expansion would mean that the original system would have to be discarded and another that supports 20 phones purchased later.
  • Computer technology can generally be purchased on a per staff member basis. In the past, new computer systems have been expensive. 

Modern technology has changed all this. VoIP phone systems are like computer systems in that they can be added on a per staff member basis. Even better, the phone technology can run on the staff member’s computer, removing the expense of purchasing a phone all together. Fortunately, computer systems are now coming down in price and secondhand systems can often be purchased for a tenth of their original price if they are sufficiently out of date. Staff members can work from anywhere so it is possible for them to work from home, removing the need to provide premises for them.

Therefore, it is no longer necessary for expanding a telemarketing team to cost a great deal up front or longer term. The only area where costs have not reduced is the staff cost. Please see above for methods to reduce staff costs to a minimum.