Telemarketing Financials

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How can we save money on our telesales projects?

By utilising dialler technologies such as the eDialler your staff will be significantly more productive throughout the working day. 

Staff do not need to be physically located at a work location owned, run or maintained by you, the business owner.  Your staff can work from home. If they have the use of a PC with internet connection they can link into the eDialler system and work remotely. You are able to monitor their calls remotely as well as view up-to-the-second statistics so that you will know if they have taken unauthorised time out.

An operative working from a home location, providing their own tools of the trade (home computer), and with a number of sources of work, can be classed as a self employed subcontractor rather than as an employee. Subcontractors are not covered by employment laws. They can therefore be taken on and let go again without employment and/or disciplinary issues.  There is no requirement to provide holiday pay, statutory sick pay, maternity / paternity leave or redundancy pay-outs.

Remote working means you save money in many ways:

  • You can operate from smaller office premises, ie, lower rents and lower business rates.
  • Less car parking spaces would be required.
  • There would be a lower requirement for lighting, heating, hot water: even the cost of providing tea bags and coffee adds up over a year!
  • Your staff will save on daily commuter costs – in effect giving them a pay rise at no cost to you.
  • Provided there is no background noise, successful staff who might otherwise stay at home because they have under age children can work for you without the expense of a childminder.
  • Staff with school age children have greater control over their work/life balance because remote working means flexible working – and you will not be granting (paid) absence for visits to the dentist, etc.

How can we increase our margins?

One way is to trim the excess fat from the operation and here we give an example of where mundane tasks previously carried out by multiple admin staff were replaced by an IT process, in this case by an integrated dialler.

Case Study

A company with multiple call centres was employing admin staff to print out copies of data sheets that had arrived in Excel format from the data house. These sheets would then either be posted or taken to the phone room locations. Phone operatives at the phone rooms would work through the lists, manually dialling the numbers and colour coding the results. The sheets would be handed back to admin staff at the end of the session who would guillotine them up. The leads were passed on to a second stage whilst the remaining entries that were not disconnected numbers would be fed back into a somewhat arbitrary retry loop. Leads in the form of a paper slip would arrive at the second stage where a sales person would call the number and attempt to make a sale. The details of sales plus the name and address information were transcribed by hand on to a sale card and passed back to an admin function to re-type into the accounting system and post sales processes. There was very limited control over the retry loop and all too often valuable data was not properly utilised.

BlackBIT implemented the eDialler system within the company and the positive results were dramatic. Raw data was fed directly into the eDialler database (a process that takes no more than 5 minutes to set up per import, and 1 second per thousand records). The data was instantly available at all sites and the phone operatives would be on the phones instantly calling with no time wasted between calls. Retries were properly managed and every number was called a defined number of times. Leads were filtered into the sales process and the sales people used the eDialler to call the numbers. Sales were entered directly into the eDialler and fed out electronically to the accounting and post sales processes.

As a result:

  • Efficiency within Stage One of the process increased by 45% and within Stage Two by 22%. 
  • Basic admin functions were reduced from 4 members of full time staff to the equivalent of 1.5 full time staff.
  • Now dead numbers are fed back to the data house and discounts negotiated on the next set of data. 
  • Data is no longer lost due to missing paper slips and cards.
  • Staff turnover amongst the phone operatives has dropped because, although staff members are doing a smaller number of tasks, the drudgery of transcribing telephone numbers has been removed. As a consequence, the job is now more interesting and commissions have increased because more sales are being made.
  • The return on investment for implementing the eDialler was realised in less than 4 months.

Who has the best call rates?

Using our buying power BlackBIT is able to leverage discounts with other major telecom suppliers which enables us to be competitive on call rates.