Telemarketing Monitoring

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How can our telesales manager monitor staff on an individual basis?

It is possible to listen in to any staff member remotely without their knowledge. Independent legal advice should be sought before implementation and it is important to let staff know that remote monitoring is possible.

How can we show real time results to our telesales team?

Statistical information can be displayed on monitors and/or projected on to a larger surface.  Bespoke animations can be created to deliver the information in a variety of ways.

Can we record all calls?

Yes, calls can be recorded. Independent legal advice should be sought before implementing call recording.

Can we remotely monitor our staff?

The eDialler enables you to listen in to calls. Detailed statistics are provided showing performance.  Calls can also be recorded for future review and/or legal reasons.

How can we calculate sales statistics?

The eDialler system provides comprehensive statistics on phone operator efficiency. These statistics can be combined with statistics obtained from the latter stages of your sales process to give a very accurate overall picture.