Telemarketing Training

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How do we train new staff quickly?

A tried and tested method is to listen into the calls of more experienced staff. With the BlackBIT VoIP systems and the eDialler, it is possible for authorised groups of people to listen in to a call. A virtually unlimited number of individuals can listen into any single call; multiple calls can be listened to by multiple individuals.

How do we get through the gatekeeper?

Here are some tips for getting through the gatekeeper: 

  • Don’t say “Please”, say “Thank you” instead.

Always be polite but also assumptive. Saying ”Please” means you are asking and hoping for the person at the end of the phone to do as you request. If you say “Thank you”, you are taking it for granted that you will be put through and it is harder for the gatekeeper to object.

Here are a couple of examples:

“If you could let Liz know that it’s Jeff, Jeff Jones on the line for her.  Thank you.”

“Yes of course you can, I’m calling from XYZ Trading Ltd.  If you could just let her know that I’m on the line. Thank you.”

  • Less is more!  Don’t give too much information to the gatekeeper. The more information the gatekeeper has from you, the easier it will be for them to put up barriers to you. 

Objections such as “We’re not interested in that” and “We have no budget for that right now” and “We already have a preferred supplier for that” are only possible if you’ve told the gatekeeper what it is you are calling to discuss. 

Give information sparingly. Limiting the number and type of questions that the gatekeeper can throw at you means you can perfect the answer to those questions and always finish your responses with a polite “Thank you”.

Be especially careful to answer only those questions that are asked. Do not volunteer information or answers to questions you believe might be asked.

  • Believe that you will be put through.

Have you ever been stopped by a gatekeeper when calling an organisation that you have dealings with on a less than regular basis? The answer may be ”Yes”, once or twice, but the majority of times you will have been put through. This is because you transmit an assuredness from the belief (because you know you should be put through) that you will be put through. When cold calling, try and put yourself in the mindset of an individual who has every right and every likelihood of being put through to the person you wish to speak to.

  • Transmit seniority

When people are nervous they tend to speak faster and at a higher pitch. They often babble in an attempt to squeeze everything they need to say into the small number of seconds before the person at the other end of the phone call hangs up on them. Until a person has become accustomed to doing telesales calls they may well be nervous and this is very obvious to a gatekeeper.

A gatekeeper will not hang up on a person of seniority – the gatekeeper knows that if they were to do such a thing they could be in trouble and the gatekeeper needs to be wary of this. The solution is to transmit seniority and the key is to speak slowly. You may also wish to drop the tone of your voice slightly.

Where can we get telesales training?

BlackBIT is happy to provide telesales training. Please contact us for further details.