VoIP Services from BlackBIT

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BlackBIT values enquiries from anyone thinking about moving to VoIP telephony. We will give you further generic data on VoIP and particular telephony information in relation to your firm.

BlackBIT can offer advice on:

  • the equipment likely to be best suited to your company in terms of usage and cost;
  • the ballpark cost of installation – compared to traditional technologies, VoIP is far cheaper, offering the same functionality for a fraction of the cost;
  • the anticipated timeline for installation – as the system is software based, configuration is mainly carried out before installation, thereby reducing disruption time to your business;
  • staff training;
  • ongoing support  – as there is no need to rely on proprietary hardware, the whole system can be upgraded one component at a time using a wide selection of products from many suppliers, making VoIP cheaper to install and to update.

If you are already using VoIP, it is such a reliable and cost effective way to communicate that ongoing problems are highly unlikely. However, if you do have issues with your current system or service providers that you want to discuss, we would be happy to talk to you.

  • Can VoIP technology benefit your company?
  • Do you make or receive a lot of calls?
  • Have you at least five phone lines and extensions (over one or more locations)?
  • Do you want to improve your productivity and customer care results?
  • Are you looking to reduce your overheads?

If any of these apply to you, then you could benefit from moving to VoIP. With BlackBIT’s VoIP it is possible to reduce your costs so that the installation will be paid for in just a few months.

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Before an installation can be implemented, BlackBIT will undertake a full survey of:

  • Your company’s business needs; and
  • Your business premises.

We will ask you about:

  • Current telephone usage;
  • Gaps in the current installation;
  • Your expectations for your business; and
  • For your new VoIP telephony installation.

We will take details of cabling within the premises, broadband capability and computer networking.

BlackBIT’s quotation will be clear and concise.

Can you afford to ignore VoIP? Call us on 01392 279999 to find out more


The time taken to install a VoIP system is much less than for a traditional ISDN based system. 

If further broadband capacity is required, you will arrange for this to be added.  From then onwards, BlackBIT will do the rest: 

  • The server(s) will be configured off site;
  • The porting of existing numbers will be negotiated with the existing provider;
  • The new handsets will be deployed; and
  • A date and time arranged for the transfer of service. 

If you have decided to take the opportunity of having virtual offices in other locations, BlackBIT will do this for you. If you have remote workers, their telephony requirements will be incorporated seamlessly into the new system.

Amongst other benefits to businesses, a VoIP installation means:

  • Reduced line rental costs;
  • Free site to site communication;
  • Voicemail to email; and
  • User friendly call conferencing.

For call centres, a VoIP installation means:

  • Call monitoring; and
  • Call benchmarking.

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As VoIP is software controlled, ongoing maintenance and support is not a burden in terms of either time or cost.

As the system is infinitely scalable, it can be expanded to cope with your business growth.

As complicated cabling and infrastructure is unnecessary, your BlackBIT VoIP system can simply be unplugged and taken to the new location should you decide to move premises.

Can you afford to ignore VoIP? Call us on 01392 279999 to find out more